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Sleep Better, Lead Better: A Guide to Embracing Emotions Before Difficult Conversations

Hey Dream Chasers,

Ever found yourself tossing and turning the night before a tough conversation at work? It's not just you. The stress, anxiety, and the weight of impending decisions can wreak havoc on our sleep. But what if I told you there's a way to ease that burden and catch some quality Z's?

The Power of the Thought Download:

One technique that has been a game-changer for me is what I like to call the "Thought Download." It's simple yet profoundly effective. Before hitting the hay, grab a notebook and let your thoughts run wild. Write down every sentence that pops into your head, unfiltered and unscripted. Don't judge or analyze; just let it flow. Once the emotional torrent has passed, take a look at your download. Examine those sentences – are they true? Are they extreme? It's a powerful exercise to untangle the web of thoughts that might be keeping you up at night.

Welcoming Emotions as Intriguing Visitors:

Instead of trying to push away the emotions that keep you awake, try welcoming them like intriguing visitors with a message. Take guilt, for example. When it shows up, ask yourself:

  • What is guilt here to tell me?

  • What message would it want to deliver?

  • If everything is right in my body, why is guilt here?

  • Guilt, how can I serve you right now? What do you need?

It might sound a bit unconventional, but giving your emotions time and space to process can be incredibly powerful. Rather than viewing them as hindrances, see them as messengers with valuable insights.

Why It Works:

When we allow our emotions to surface and explore them with curiosity, we dismantle the power they hold over our minds. It's not about suppressing or ignoring; it's about understanding. By embracing the messages our emotions bring, we can make peace with them, paving the way for a more restful night.

So, the next time a difficult conversation is on the horizon, don't let it steal your sleep. Give your emotions the space they deserve, welcome them in, and let them guide you to a night of rejuvenating rest.

Sweet dreams and successful conversations await!

Cheering for you,



If you'd like to do a thought download together let's have a consult and explore it together! Many of my clients will also bring their thought downloads to our sessions to examine in a safe and loving space together.

P.P.S. Have your own pre-sleep rituals before challenging conversations? Share your tips in the comments below! 👇

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