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Empowering Burned-Out Leaders to Thrive Again. 

Reignite Your Career, Rewrite Your Future:

Burnout is not Your Destiny.


It doesn't have to feel 
lonely at the top.

 If you're a leader who's feeling the relentless grind of stress, exhaustion, and overwhelm, you're not alone. I've been there too, and I understand what it takes to break free from the cycle.

I know the demands of leadership can feel overwhelming, like an endless marathon with no finish line. But here's the truth: Burnout is not your destiny, and your happiness is still within reach. 

Transforming Burnout into Boundless Success.

Ready to reclaim your life, reignite your passion, and lead with purpose? Let's start with a conversation. Schedule a consultation today, and let's create your path to a balanced, fulfilled life.

Why choose me?

With a proven track record of helping leaders like you overcome burnout, I bring a unique blend of experience, empathy, and expertise to our coaching relationship. Check out my story and testimonials to see how I've guided others just like you toward success.

Misha - Idaho 

Bre has an exceptional way of coming alongside you to identify your breakthrough. 

I have worked with Bre in a professional environment while she was in Executive Leadership and I have worked with her now as she transitioned into Life Coaching. Her experience, strong vision and ability to motivate create a perfect combination when helping to guide a client through a break through. When working with her I desperately needed direction on my next step career wise and she was able to guide me in identifying fears and “what ifs” that I didn’t even know existed. She then assisted with developing a game plan to overcome them and held space for accountability. She has a heart for people and she makes sure that she is consistently doing the work herself to develop her skill sets. If you are feeling burnt out or lost career wise I highly recommend setting some time with her to move through the thought work together.

Andrea - Oregon

Burnout is an issue that an increasing number of women are facing every day. Our world is moving so fast now, and all of us are working just a bit harder each day trying to stay afloat. Trying to balance a demanding job on top of being a mom, being a partner, a friend, a daughter, a leader. Women are expected to fill so many roles and over time, it all compounds and we are left wondering how it got to this point.


I was there. And:


I can tell you that you can get out of it; there is another side. Happiness exists. Balance exists. It takes some work, sometimes a leap of faith and a couple sacrifices, but you can get there. For me, it took removing myself from my work environment and trusting that flexibility, a reasonable workload, and fair pay exist at other companies. I didn’t need to be the martyr and stay at a company that didn’t value their employees’ work/life balance.


It’s not always that simple though; I also had to do some soul-searching and mental re-framing to get there. It can be hard to know how to get started – let Bre help you. You are worth it.

Misty - Idaho

I had only a half hour with Bre but in that time I felt a huge positive impact and shift in my confidence. I couldn’t believe in that short amount of time I could have such a big and positive shift. I’m so thankful I found Bre. Looking forward to more sessions with her!
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